Phase one of eliminating sugar from your life

The first phase of eliminating sugar is to avoid soft drinks. It lasts for about 1-2 weeks.
Reasons: There are plenty of sugar sources: sodas, vitamin waters, caffeine drinks, isotonic drinks, juices, just like an apple juice. Actually, any fruit juice might be a mixture of fruit flavor and 100% sweetener produced from concentrated fruits – fructose, and it still would be called 100% juice.

The big deception is caused by the size of the drink- They are made the way that you consume large amounts of sugar without even knowing. A standard 12-ounce portion of a standard sugar-sweetened drink,  is around 150 calories. But people hardly ever drink only one portion. In restaurant chains, grocery stores, and cinemas, all these refreshments are given in amounts that contain about 300 to 500 calories.

Actually reducing only one portion every day has been proven to generate a weight reduction of 1.1 lbs after 6 months, or 1.4 lbs at 18 months. Which may not seem to be a significant amount, bear in mind that most people are not consuming only one 12-ounce portion every day. Roughly half of Us citizens drink sugary drinks every day  and in this particular half, around 25% get 200 or over calories from them.

How to do it: If you are a big fan of sweet drinks, this may be a challenging step, cutting it all from the diet is the bast way. For the reason that they have no place in your new way of nutrition, so it’s not advised that you provide even small quantities of them within your diet plan. Sodas don’t bring any benefit, apart from bringing joy, which a healthy person should look for somewhere else.

Write down all the sweet drinks you like and make a list of substitutes to avoid the temptation of cheating. The ones in your house shoud end up in the trash and from now on the sweet drinks should never make their way into your shopping cart.